A showing of my various printed works.

A collaboration with Farebella. A set of cards conveying Victorian tussie-mussie recipes and illustrations. Tussie-mussies are Victorian bouquets that use a flower-code to convey specific messages between people. We created several tussie-mussies around tongue-in-cheek messages, that utilize the very real flower language. I did the type-setting, flower-language research, and layout. Farebella did the illustration and final packaging design. Available for purchase.

Postcards designed for the 2014 Design/Technology Portfolio showcase at Purchase College. Design/Technology is a prestigious department at Purchase, and my design was chosen for the final exhibition and its subsequent branding.

Booklet concept design for an art exhibit based around the idea: "Whistle Stop".

A series of tarot card illustrations designed around the idea of the French revolution and escalating tension, using the repeating evolution of bee iconography as well as quotes from Robespierre.

Pitched design for the BFA graphic design end of the year showcase, based around the idea of us all being stock at a state fair. They decided to go in a different direction.